"Life Sounds Good" in Berlin, Germany


Sitting in my drawls blogging at a loft apartment in Berlin, Germany. I have to say…Berlin is the shit! The streets are vibrant and filled with laughter and alcohol. Nothing I say can truly do justice in painting the picture of how I fell in love with Berlin. You’d just have to see it for yourself.

Saturday night I had the pleasure of playing at Giam’s Life Sounds Good party at TubeStation with my UGLYBASS brother Mr. Sonny James and Barcelona’s own, DJ Kisa. Giam couldn’t make it because he was too busy killing shit in Zurich at the Hip Hop Don’t Stop with San Gabriel. I have never DJ’d a party like this and I didn’t want it to stop. People actually come to parties to enjoy themselves in Germany which is rare in the states. This experience reminded me why I became a DJ in the first place.

Here are a few flicks from Life Sounds Good… I can’t wait to do it again.

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