Living for Silk City.


As I sit here knocking out some work while listening to some of my favorite Stevie Wonder tunes, it hit me... I love Silk City and it's definitely one of my go-to restaurants in Philly.

It's always a celebration every time I play records at Silk City. I grew up going there with my family so it's always an honor to spin there and create more memories. June 30th was a memory filled night. Shout Out to DJ HVNLEE for providing the opening tunes... She definitely got the crowd loose and in the mood to party, forgetting the craziness going on right now in our country. The room was filled with pure positive energy and love and reminded me why I DJ in the first place. Thanks to Joey for making this night possible!

Here are some of the moments that were captured that night.

(Photos taken by Joannika Augustin)